Mannin Short Workshops 2016

MannIN shorts 2016 courses are off to a great start, interest from a wide ranging group of people from across the island has ensured that all workshops and meetings so far have been very well attended and the feedback so far has been very positive.

 Cinematography Workshop with John Craine

Cinematography part 1b

“I loved it. Everyone on the course comes from different varying degrees of background and experience so it’s great to all learn and try things out together, to test our own abilities and share ideas. John is fantastic too, he’s extremely patient with explaining things and you can tell he’s passionate about what he does.” Kelly

“The cinematography workshop really opened my eyes to what goes into making a film. I’ll never look at a film in the same way again. That is to say that the illusion isn’t broken, but that the awe has grown. The level of detail that goes into making each shot look incredible blew my mind. John was very knowledgable and extremely patient with a novice such as myself. Thanks again for all sharing the essential knowledge, skills, tip and tricks of cinematography.” Mark

Producers Meeting with Nicky Earnshaw

Producers meeting 250116

“A very informative meeting, I was pleasantly surprised by the skills required of a Producer as many of them I use in my day job! Definitely looking forward to giving it a go!” Jo

Sound Workshop with Rob Wingfield


“When sound for film is done correctly it goes unnoticed to the conscious part of our mind. It feels natural. But sound produced improperly can be devastating to a production. It lifts the listener out of the story and makes immersion near impossible. The best way to ensure transparent sound for your film is to capture the performances well on set. This is not always easy.” Rob Wingfield (Workshop Host)

“The Sound Workshop was one of the best courses I’ve ever been on. Rob was extremely knowledgable and was very accommodating to all levels of knowledge in the room, as well as just being a really friendly and nice guy. I’ve learned so much, and can’t thank him and everyone involved enough for sharing everything they know.” Mark

“Thanks again for letting me take part in Saturday’s workshop! It was just what I’d been hoping – Rob did a fantastic job of explaining the ins and outs of the Sound Recordist’s job, giving lots of helpful insights and tips, and it was great to have the chance to put it all into practice – although I’m not sure I’ll think of Oreos in the same way again!” Tim

Acting & Directing Workshop with Lesley Mannin & Gordon Peason

Lesley Lisa Gordon


“Thank you for organising another immensely enjoyable Mannin Shorts acting and directing workshop. It was fantastic to be able to experiment with roles that I would not normally be considered for. Lesley and Gordon were extremely generous with their knowledge and I learned a lot.” Louisa


“Many thanks to everyone concerned in organising the Acting/Directing Workshop, it was so good to meet Lesley and Gordon. As well as being hugely instructive it was great fun, everyone who attended the workshop worked so well together and for me personally as the “oldie” of the Group it was a joy to learn from our Tutors [ what a great team ] and to be accepted and involved.” Pam


A big thanks to all the hosts and attendees we’ve met so far and we are looking forward to our Screenwriting workshop this weekend (still places available) and Editing Workshop scheduled soon.


Get in touch to find out more and get involved. Like and follow our Facebook page for up to date information.





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That’s a wrap (on interior)

Soul Funk Mixtape

We have spent three glorious days shooting the interior scenes for Soul Funk Mixtape – and finished in good time on Sunday.

On thursday evening we had a blank canvass with which to dress the set as a (slightly) abandoned flat. Within hours a transformation from empty hall to chic apartment meant that when the crew and cast arrived on Friday morning we were able to light the thing up and get ready for the first shot.

The entire crew worked marvellously and we rattled through the shots at a good pace. All weekend there were tweaks to lighting, pauses for the crow chorus, motivational pick-me-up’s, mellow drama, slices of fried gold (from the two actors, who were absolutely gorgeous and superb) and tea. Plenty of tea.

So we have footage for the interior and a Badgers Arse cut will be made in preparation for a couple of the exterior…

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Production Design with Anisha Fields

On the 28th May MannIN Shorts welcomed Production Designer Anisha Fields to the Island  to run a workshop. Anisha told us of how she is keen to be working on the Island once again;

‘The Isle of Man is a fantastic place to work – visually beautiful and teeming with talented people, passionate about making film. It’s a privilege to work with the network of people I have met in the MannIn Shorts scheme.’

Anisha Fields at MannIN Shorts

Anisha Fields at MannIN Shorts

As Anisha is working on ‘Muck’, one of our MannIN Shorts finalist films being shot later this year, the workshop was organised  to provide attendees with a rare opportunity; the possibility to not only learn but potentially be selected as an assistants to work within the Art Department on this particular film.

We asked Anisha to explain in her own words what a Production Designer does…

‘ The Production Designer looks after the visual concept of a film. They work closely with the director and the cinematographer to create the visuals, and paint the picture appearing on the screen through set, props and dressing. ”

Production Design Anisha 6.

Muck, the MannIN Shorts film which Anisha is creating the production design for this year, (written by John Craine, directed by Sonya Quayle and Produced by Bev Lawley) tells this story; “Babs is a wife to a frustrated husband and a mother to an autistic son. An incident on the farm forces her into a terrible and life changing choice….

In terms of the film’s  production design, Anisha elaborates,

“It’s a fantastic script, set in the 1950s, and shot in a beautiful farmhouse on the Island. The film is very design led, so it will be an interesting project to work on, and we’re looking for assistants to help us realise our vision for the film.”

Colour swatches give a great understanding of mood and intended tone

Colour swatches give a great understanding of mood and intended tone

Anisha opened the workshop with an introduction to what a Production Designer does, telling us about her background and how she first got into the role.

‘I come from a theatre background, and had never stepped on to a film set until I went out to South Africa to visit a friend who was making a film in Johannesburg. While I was there, I helped out on bits and pieces, and was intrigued by what happened in the Art Department. A few months later someone asked me to design their film for them. I had very little experience, but threw myself into it and learnt a lot. It went from there really..’

Group Production Design Exercise

Group Production Design Exercise

In the second half of the workshop, Anisha organised a script breakdown exercise, where she split the room into six groups of five, provided them with an untitled script extract, and asked the attendees to perform an initial production design break down. This involved searching for clues within the text to what mood, feeling or messages the visuals within the frame had to portray.

Richard and Emily deep in thought

Richard deep in thought

“We learned how to pick out visual clues from synopsizes, scripts and treatments to enable us to put together an idea of the mood of the piece, costume ideas and settings. It was interesting to see the different interpretations of the same script from the different groups that participated. Although we had a few differences, by and large we all interpreted the script in much of the same way and seeing it on screen post production was very fascinating. This is testament to the great script and the great workshop that Anisha delivered.”
Richard Hird recent MannIN Shorts attendee

Watching the film extract from 'Blackbird'

Matthew and others watching the film extract from ‘Blackbird’

To conclude the exercise Anisha showed the group the actual film the scene was from, to illustrate how many of the art direction suggestions the class had made, infact made it to the screen. Here’s a teaser of the actual film we used for the excercise, the Scottish BAFTA nominated film, ‘Blackbird’, which Anisha was production designer on.

The workshop was a huge success, by the end of which, there were 20 newly informed and inspired potential assistants who put their name forward for consideration to assist Anisha. In the coming week, Anisha will select those lucky understudies who will receive training under her guidance benefiting from her expertise.

Many  new faces at the workshop

Pam Smith with  her team at the workshop

Rob Smith and Mike Martin discussing the design breakdown of their script

Rob Smith and Mike Martin discussing the design breakdown of their script

Post workshop we spoke to a few of those who attended about the potential opportunity to work with Anisha;

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan


“I think it’s great having MannIN shorts offer these opportunities to help you get into working in film, especially to work with Anisha who has worked on award winning films.
Adam Morgan

Lorna Smith - recent MannIN Shorts attendee

Lorna Smith – recent MannIN Shorts attendee

“The opportunity to work on a film with someone like Anisha and gain experience is incredible and I feel very lucky to have the chance.”
Lorna Smith, 18


“To assist Anisha on any project would not only be an honour but a privilege where a lot could be learnt.
Ian Walton &  Angelita Inocencio


Katy and Kelly

Katy and Kelly

Selina discussing the production design  breakdown of  a script

Selina discussing the production design breakdown of a script

Here’s Anisha’s Top Tips for those wishing to explore a career in Production Design and Art Direction for films…

“Prepare to work hard, get involved with as many projects as possible and get passionate about visual storytelling! Go and see stuff to get inspired – film, visual art, theatre – and get creative. Make sure you are drawing, reading, writing, painting… it all fuels the fire.”

Photos in this blog by Dave Armstrong

Photos in this blog by Dave Armstrong -MannIN Shorts

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Directing Masterclass with Lesley Manning

On Sunday 18th May, we welcomed the return of Director Lesley Manning to the Isle of Man to run a Directing workshop through MannIN Shorts.
Lesley comments;

MannIN shorts  is very special. It has a strong community spirit to it, its very generous, active and moving all the time.  It works really well.”

Lesley Manning Director Masterclass Class of 2014

Lesley Manning Director Masterclass Class of 2014

The day’s workshop opened with an improvisation exercise, getting the the budding directors into an actors mind set. An imperative quality of a director is their ability to understand and communicate effectively with their cast. The class then reviewed scenes from various films including CRASH, after which they discussed how the director blocked out the action with the actors and the camera. The purpose of this exercise was to develop an understanding of how the actors, and their movements support a certain geography of a scene, making sure the character representation within a false environment, creates a believable illusion for the viewer.

One of the scenes analysed during the workshop:- (Warning contains language some may find offensive)

In the afternoon, Lesley divided the class into groups of three and for the next two hours each group had to create three films, directed and shot by each respective member of the team, whilst the other two acted out the parts. In addition to the time restraint, the teams had an added technical challenge to get to grips with; each film had to be ‘edited in camera.’

To close the workshop, the whole group sat together and watched critically commenting on each others work. From the fifteen people who attended the workshop, fifteen scenes were filmed. Not bad for two hours work!

Lesley commented; ‘The scenes that were created were all really very entertaining and imaginative. It was great fun!’

Here’s an example of one of the fifteen films created. All action and dialogue is entirely improvised with the footage taken directly from camera, in sequence.

Following the workshop, Lesley told us;

‘I really hope that from today’s workshop, our future directors from the Isle of Man will think about how to change performance and think about were to put the camera.’

Emily Filming 'Sean Paul'

Emily Filming ‘Sean Paul’

…And from speaking with the attendees of the master class, it certainly seems the budding directors are walking away having learnt a great deal. We caught up with a few after the workshop;

What was your favourite part of the workshop?

“My favourite part of the workshop was learning by doing and being given complete creative freedom to come up with something off the cuff. ”
SELINA HOOPER Newbie MannIN Short member

Selina filming her actors

Selina filming her actors

“The chance to get my hands on a camera and a couple of actors taught me so much in just a few hours. I’ve heard time and again that film making is about “thinking in pictures” and “telling the story visually”. But the penny finally dropped when I looked through the lens, moved actors through space and chose what to focus on.”
Shawn Sturnick MannIN Shorts Short Film Director/ Writer

Shawn, Paul and Emily shooting their teams scenes

Shawn, Paul and Emily shooting their teams scenes

Why do you feel it is important that MannIN Shorts brings over talent from off Island to run workshops?

“Bringing over high calibre professionals is invaluable to give us an exposure to respected industry practitioners, where they can teach us how things work in practice, and devote time to training us in practical aspects of filmmaking.”
ADRIAN HALL MannIN Shorts Writer and Director

New MannIN Shorts attendee, QE2 student Lauren told us…

“As someone completely new to MannIN shorts and film making this workshop taught me so much. The opportunity to learn about many aspects of directing from directors themselves was truly incredible and my limited experience didn’t matter. Having the opportunity to write, direct and film your own scene is something extraordinary and the skills I learn’t in the process will stay with me for life.”
Lauren Wolfendale, QE2 Student.


Checking back footage during the workshop certainly put a smile on every ones face

MannIN Shorts strive to ensure workshops are as affordable as possible, to make sure everyone has a chance to attend. Our friends at Pokerstars subsidised this workshop, in order to make it as affordable as possible for those attending. We asked some of those who attended the workshops what they felt about the value for money of the day…

“The course was of great value! Thirty quid for something that would cost over three hundred in the UK. And as making a short film can be a costly affair in itself, investing in training ensures that the money spent on making a shorty is well spent. ”
ADRIAN  HALL MannIN Shorts Writer and Director

PokerStars banner” It’s massively important for Mannin Shorts to keep being able to bring over high calibre professionals such as Lesley as a wide range of professionals to learn from allows you to gain a real insight into your own filmmaking choices and abilities. Being able to make choices and learn in an environment like that, is an amazing opportunity especially when offered at the prices Mannin Shorts provides them at, due to local corporate sponsorship. ”
SELINA HOOPER Newbie MannIN Short member

Here’s a video we created from the day so you can see and hear exactly what went down…

A Little Bit About Lesley Manning

Lesley Manning observing the teams during the workshop

Lesley Manning observing the teams during the Mannin Shorts workshop

Welsh born Lesley Manning started making films at Bristol Art College where she graduated with 1st Class Honours. She trained at the National Film and Television School as a director.

Soon after graduating she directed drama for  BBC, among which was SCREEN ONE cult hit Ghostwatch, the highest rated single drama (since Cathy Come Home), voted by Channel Four as the most controversial TV drama.

Lesley directed My Sisterwife BBC SCREEN TWO film strand and won CRE Best drama, Best Asian film award and was screened at Dinard and Brussels film festivals.

2011 Leila is the first feature Lesley has written as well as directed – and was a finalist at Austin FFestival, winning Best actress at London Independent FF and Audience and Jury award for Best narrative at United FFestival.

2013 she co-produced and edited the feature length documentary about Ghostwatch  –  Ghostwatch behind the Curtains.

2013 Lesley has just completed  Honeycomb Lodge produced by Myf Hopkins

Photos in this blog by Christy

Photos in this blog by Christy MannIN Shorts

This Blog was created by Emily Cook - MannIN Shorts

This Blog was created by Emily Cook – MannIN Shorts

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Storyboarding 101 workshop

Juan teaching at our workshop

Juan teaching at our workshop

On Tuesday we held a Storyboarding 101 workshop lead by Juan MooreIllustrator, animator and storyboard artist, who was previously on the team of Oscar nominated feature, Chico and Rita.

During the first half of the class, Juan gave an introduction to storyboarding, taught some formatting tips followed by a few practical exercises. In the second half, Juan worked with individuals on their storyboarding for specific projects offering one on one guidance and help.

To make sure you’re the first to hear about future workshops, sign up to our mailing list here.

Here are some comments from a selection of workshop attendees:-

“As someone who has all the drawing skills of a dyslexic caveman, Juan’s relaxed and informative workshop underlined for me, that one doesn’t need to be Van Gogh in order to be able to create good storyboards.”
Ben Desmond – MannIN Shorts budding writer/ director

Working on a storyboard excercise

Working on a storyboard excercise

“It was lovely to listen to a professional artist talk about the things that he has done and how he has approached them, and nice little insight into a different life and very inspirational. ”
Jennifer Chance- MannIN Shorts Producer for ‘Breathless’ (shooting in the coming months)

“I found the workshop really useful, Juan delivered a very informative session and  provided a great insight into the world of illustration and storyboarding for film. I feel confident that I could put the new skill set towards storyboarding my own short films in the future.”
Richard Hird – New MannIN Shorts attendee


Hard at work Storyboarding

Hard at work Storyboarding

For those of you who were unable to make the workshop, we caught up with Juan, and asked him a  few questions:

1. In a  nut shell, what’s your background and experience in storyboarding for film?

“I’m an illustrator and fine artist primarily, mostly working within editorial or publishing work, from time to time I work as a storyboard artist, mostly on shorter projects such as short animations or adverts, I also worked on Chico and Rita which was nominated for an Oscar, but that was awhile ago.”
2. What’s the purpose of storyboarding

“It’s the first visualisation of the narrative, an opportunity to solve any narrative or potential shot problems before production begins and essentially make you movie as still images for the cost of some paper and a pencil.”

Juan Moore Storyboard

Juan Moore (c) Storyboard

3. What are some of the biggest mistakes or misconceptions beginners have with storyboarding?

“I think people see highly artistic renderings on storyboards for big budget films, these are great but if your making it yourself, the images simply need to be understood, they don’t have to be works of art. if your including storyboards in a project pitch then maybe they would need to be a little more polished, but if you can understand them and talk about them well to others, then the job is a good’un.”

4. What resources or tools would you suggest newcomers get to grips with?

A pencil, imagination and looking at things from different points of view.”

Juan Moore Storyboard work

Juan Moore (c) Storyboard work

5. What’s your top tip for someone wishing to pursue a career in visualisation/ storyboarding and concept art for film?

“Draw,  A LOT! practice drawing the human form and get to grips with the basics of perspective and communicating movement.”

This Blog was created by Emily Cook - MannIN Shorts

This Blog was created by Emily Cook – MannIN Shorts

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First Time Director Workshop 101

On Monday the 31st March 2014, we held an introduction to directing for short film workshop.  Leading the workshop, Christy DeHaven and Dave Armstrong covered the basics of film directing, laying the theoretical  foundations for our budding directors who took the class. This session will be followed up with a practical directing workshop in the coming weeks with UK Film Director and Teacher Lesley Manning. To make sure you’re the first to hear about future workshops, sign up to our mailing list here.

The Directing 101 worksop at the Forum

The Directing 101 worksop at the Forum

 We also invited Sonya, James and Shawn to the workshop, all of whom have gained their first directing credit through the MannIN Shorts Scheme over the last two years. Here are some pearls of wisdom from each:-

Sonya directing DoP  Christy on the set of 'I do'

Sonya directing DoP Christy on the set of ‘I do’

1. What was your relationship/ background in Directing/ Filmmaking up until you directed your first short, and how did it help your directing experience?


“I studied drama when I left school and my degree is in Literature which is useful when I’m working on the script and thinking about character.”


“I’ve been a theatre actor for most of my career. The nature of theatre is that you must sustain a character over the course of an evening until the story is completely told. This now-instinctive approach to scripts helped me keep the story straight, despite shooting scenes “out of order” as it were.”


“I’ve worked in TV and film for the last 15 years or so in the cutting room, so I’ve spent lots of time around lots of directors and seen how you tell a story. It helped me with the short because my experience has taught me that performance is everything. If you get that right your piece will work. You can have the most beautiful shots but if the performance isn’t right it won’t fly!. That was the the main thing I took into filming so I tried to make sure I’d sorted a lot of the other areas before so I could concentrate on the actors when we were filming.”

James on the set of 'Benches' with Camera Crew

James on the set of ‘Benches’ with Camera Crew

2. What do you wish you’d known before embarking on Directing a Short film?


“That you don’t need to have all the answers.”


“How much time you need in order to do the job justice!. I suppose it doesn’t matter how hard everyone tells you it’s going to be, it’s still very, very intense!, and I only filmed for two days!”


“Every career, artistic or otherwise, owns a particular language. I’d have liked to understand a bit more of the jargon of film making.”


Shawn speaking to lead actor Ray on location for ‘Barry Brown’

3. What’s your advice to first time directors?


“Be kind. Your crew and actors are far less likely to stage an uprising if you are a benevolent dictator.”


“Preparation. Test as much as you can before filming and have a plan that you can fall back on so you’re not having to fire fight through the shooting process. I’d also surround yourself with experienced people and use their knowledge to help you achieve your vision.”



At MannIN Shorts.. here are some of our favourite Directors who each have very iconic styles:

Jean Pierre Jeunet (Amelie) – creates from a childlike imagination using vivid colours, quirky wardrobe, characters with characteristics within intricately designed sets

 Wes Anderson:- The attention to detail Wes pays in the construction of each frame and shot  in his films is astonishing. Each shot is almost a character in itself, and we find Wes often centralises the shot. Here’s a clever little video illustrating this.

Alfred Hitchcock:- The original master of suspense, utilised unusual camera angles, iconic costume and editing techniques to develop his trademark style

This Blog was created by Emily Cook - MannIN Shorts

This Blog was created by Emily Cook – MannIN Shorts

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The Shortlisted Projects and Their Writers

Ahead of pitching to our panel of Industry Bods on the 16th March, here are the shortlisted writers and their projects. Only 3 Finalists will be chosen from the 6 Shortlisted Projects. It’s up to the Producers of each project now to get these writers and their films through the pitching process.

Ady Hall

Ady Hall Writer of ‘Soul Funk Mixed Tape’

Adrian Hall – ‘Soul Funk Mixed Tape’

Adrian Hall has contributed a number of short film scripts to Mannin Shorts. Soul Funk Mix Tape  will be Produced by Pam Smith and Directed by Adrian Hall.

What’s the Film About:-

“A shy guy and popular girl finally see past their own social preconceptions, but will they miss their chance to come together when the world is ending around them?’


Gary Tyrer Writer of 'The Three Legs of Diddy'

Gary Tyrer Writer of ‘The Three Legs of Diddy’

Gary Tyrer – ‘ The Three Legs of Diddy’

Gary, a 42 year old, Manx born, self-employed businessman, married with three young children.  He has been writing for some 6 years, mainly feature length film scripts. His inspiration for ‘Diddy’ came from the familial conflicts that arise when truths are unearthed after a family member has passed away. Quarterfinalist in American Screenplay Competition and received very positive feedback from BBC Writersroom.

What’s the Film about?

“Mike Davies has just lost his wife. He’s also just unearthed a husband, a baby and a gold satin thong!”

James Franklin Writer of 'The Battle of Ronaldsway'

James Franklin Writer of ‘The Battle of Ronaldsway’

James  Franklin- ‘The Battle of Ronaldsway

James was born and raised in Glen Mona, Maughold. He obtained a BA from Manchester and an M.Phil from King’s College London, both in philosophy. James currently work as Communications Manager for Gresham College, London’s oldest ‘university.’ His writing has been published and performed in a number of places. Since the birth of his son, Finn, in 2011 James has concentrated his research and writing on specifically Manx themes.

What’s the Film about?

The Battle of Ronaldsway:
A group of inept battle re-enactors make a farce of their Viking battle until one person’s determined example rallies them to a common epic finish.
John Craine

John Craine Writer of ‘Muck’

John Craine ‘Muck’
John, grew up on the Isle of Man, living here until he went to University. He studied English with Philosophy at the University of York before doing an MA at the London Film School where he specialised in cinematography. Since then John has worked as a freelance cinematographer (in both fiction and documentary). He shot my first feature film, Blackbird, in 2011. The film was released and nominated for a Scottish BAFTA in 2013.

What’s the Film about?

MUCK:- Babs is a wife to a frustrated husband and a mother to a disabled son. An incident on the farm forces her into a terrible and life changing choice.

Kev Ford-  ‘Chips Cheese ‘n’ Gravy’

Kev Ford Writer of 'Chips, Cheese 'n' Gravy'

Kev Ford Writer of ‘Chips, Cheese ‘n’ Gravy’

Kev works as a radio presenter and has lived in the Isle Of Man for nearly a decade. He was born and raised in a coal mining community in Yorkshire and, when he was labouring in the sawmills and scrapyards, he worked with people whose humour and philosophies would stay with him forever.

Kev has been working in radio for the best part of 20 years in England, Spain and Beirut from which there are a host of stories that he could tell but he ‘doubts they would seem credible even as a work of fiction.’

Kev comments ‘Chips Cheese ‘n’ Gravy is my first attempt at writing a screenplay and I thank ManninShorts for giving us all this opportunity to both learn the craft of screen writing and to experience the thrill of seeing ones efforts germinate and grow into something one previously only dreamed about.’

What’s the Film about?

CHIPS CHEESE AND GRAVY :- “A devoted daughter falls for a Yuppie whose drunken bet goes viral threatening the future of her father’s Chips Cheese and Gravy business”


(king) Shawn Sturnick Writer of 'Breathless'

(king) Shawn Sturnick Writer of ‘Breathless’

Shawn Sturnick – ‘Breathless’

Originally from the USA, Shawn now lives on the Isle of Man. He won the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival’s Best New Writing Award for his short play A Closet Flung Wide Ope’, and was nominated for the Jayne Snow Award in the Absolut Fringe for Beauty. Also for the Fringe, his promenade play The Crown Jewels was performed throughout Dublin Castle and he collaborated on the Bewley’s Little Gem Award winner Luck (now optioned by the Weinstein Company). Publications include: Closet (Samuel French) and Solomon, A Life (Anco Publishing, The Netherlands).

Shawn has also written for RTE’s Fair City. Most recently his play Marry Me won the President’s Discretionary Award at the One Act Festival in Port Erin. He is also an actor having performed in the international hit Blue Man Group, and a director of several plays, musicals and the short film Barry Brown. He will be seen soon in his one man show Prisoner Suite for IOM’s Island of Culture 2014.

What’s the Film about?

BREATHLESS:- “When a grandmotherly spinster and an elderly retiree steal a glance by the sea, a romance is kindled. Flirtation, however, fuels a heated and hilarious competition, as, step by step, a quiet walk becomes a balls out, no holds barred footrace full of dirty tricks, connivances and trampled bystanders.”

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