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Hello all – and Happy New Year! 🙂
We’ve been a bit quiet on here of late – but it certainly doesn’t mean our scheme isn’t happening! These are times when securing financing for projects like this is harder than ever, but although we’ve been slightly delayed, we’re very close to being able to launch. The Isle of Man Arts Council are, yet again, being extremely supportive. We’re indebted to them, and so lucky that we have a team over here with the vision and foresight to recognise the importance of schemes of this nature.
We had a gathering between Christmas and New Year to update interested parties; was great to see everyone -and some new faces too! The masses of energy & inspiration when you get a group of enthusiastic creatives like that in one room is almost edible… but enough of the bad metaphors.
The main point of discussion was our first workshop. We’re aware that there are people within the group who are interested in learning all aspects of filmmaking and some who are completely new to the process, which is why we’ve decided to start the MannIN Shorts ball rolling with a ‘general overview’ workshop, explaining a bit about different crew roles & starting basic introductory training. It will be over two weekends, culminating in a chance for attendees to shoot a scene they’re given.
We’re looking at doing this as soon as possible – end Jan/early Feb in fact – so if you are interested in putting your name down for this, please email with the subject ‘Filmmaking Workshop 01’ – and please include any specific areas of interest.
If you want to find out more about the way the entire scheme will operate, visit
MannIN Shorts is very much a script-driven scheme, so we will need people’s screenplays as soon as possible. Writers should be submitting scripts by end of this month. You can email them to or post them to this address:
MannIN Shorts
14 VIctoria Road
Douglas, Isle of Man IM2 4ER
We’re not expecting fully polished masterpieces at this stage – there will be time and resources available to enable you to get them to shoot stage – but we do need an idea of what’s being submitted. An impartial judge/judges, likely from off Island, will decide which scripts will be chosen to go through the filming process.
They can be anything from 60 seconds up to 30mins; the most important thing to us is that the story works, no matter how short it is, and whether fact or fiction.
Please take into account that when you get past the 12-15 minute mark, you’re likely to encounter difficulties entering some of the major international film festivals.
Also, remember all of these shorts are being filmed here on the Isle of Man, so you will find it much easier if it’s a film that works within the available locations or on a set that can be built quickly, easily and cheaply.

I’ll leave you with this link to Future Shorts’ pick of 2010 – some utterly brilliant shorts in this, that will give you a good idea of the extremely high standard out there:

Get inspired, get writing, get creating. 2011 is our year to make it happen 🙂

About MannIN Shorts

"MannIN Shorts" is a brand new Isle of Man film initiative set to provide a platform for hopeful filmmakers.  Young or old, local or international it provides a launch pad to develop skills, ideas and actually make films, right here on the Isle of Man.
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