Scripts ahoy!

Well that was an exciting few days!

Our deadline for accepting scripts to the scheme passed a mere 12hrs ago (midnight Jan 31st). Phil, Dave and I were hoping to get half a dozen, so we would have twice as many as the scheme requires and that would give us a few extras for the judges to choose from…

We actually received THIRTY. Blimey.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that supports our thoughts that the Island is brimming with screenwriters and creative filmmakers who are in need of an outlet for their talent!

So, next steps then?

Well, we’ll be working with each of the writers over the coming weeks to hone their screenplays/outlines before sending them on to our judges. No, we couldn’t possibly judge them ourselves – this is a tiny Island after all, and not only do we know a few of the applicants personally, but imagine the repercussions if anyone disagreed with the final decision? We’re descended from Viking stock remember – the carnage!! 😉

And although we do have a laurel-sporting short under out own belts, we can’t claim to boast the decades of filmmaking experience that would warrant us making that kind of decision.

So we’re enlisting the expertise of off-Island, entirely objective and extremely respected screenwriters and script consultants to carve our submissions down to the final 3 (will announce them here very soon). And then, we will make those three shorts, submit them to festivals the world over and hopefully get a few more laurels under our collective belts!

In the meantime, we’re holding our first Writers Room* to provide hints, tips and inspiration and help kickstart the rewrite process (*Feb 8th at the Railway Inn, Union Mills) and then our first film making workshop (Feb 12th & 13th) to get the ball rolling. The latter is already full, and by the end of those two days we’re expecting our attendees to have written and shot a 60second short themselves. Best way to learn about film is to just go and make one, after all! 🙂

THANKYOU to all who submitted, we’ll be in touch with you all very soon. And GOOD LUCK!


MannIN Shorts is an exciting new filmmaking initiative for the Isle of Man.  If you know someone who you think would like to sponsor this scheme, please contact


About MannIN Shorts

"MannIN Shorts" is a brand new Isle of Man film initiative set to provide a platform for hopeful filmmakers.  Young or old, local or international it provides a launch pad to develop skills, ideas and actually make films, right here on the Isle of Man.
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