First workshop? Done.

Whew! That was intense…

A week ago today we held our first Writers’ Gathering at the Railway Inn, Union Mills. It was a great turnout, the discussion was inspiring, energising and fascinating, and all are looking forward to the next one.

Then at the weekend, we held our first filmmaking workshop – for which we had nearly 30 attendees. The idea was to give a general overview of the industry with practical experience and the chance to shoot and complete something by the end of the two days.

Saturday morning was spent giving a superfast, hardcore cramming session on film, the industry, crew roles, screen writing & some general tips on lighting, camera work and sound. In the afternoon, we split everyone up into two groups; basic crew roles were chosen (Director, Sound, Lighting, Camera Op, 1st AD, Floor Runner and 2x actors, with roles such as design & props being taken on by the crew as a group) and each crew was given the same scene – a short clip from “Lost In Translation”.  They then spent the afternoon blocking, rehearsing and discussing ideas for the shoot.

They had 2.5 hrs on Sunday morning to shoot it, then that afternoon all sat round a laptop with either myself or Dave to edit their pieces on Final Cut Pro – as per their own direction.

We were knocked out by the enthusiasm and passion the crews had for the task, their professionalism and their creative & technical talents, considering none had any real previous experience in the industry. All the attendees listened, took notes, then put into practise everything they’d been told, and the resulting scenes were well beyond the standard we’d expected. Both crews also worked very differently – one focussing more on the art & design of the shoot, and one on the technical aspects, but both worked really well.

We will now be compiling a list of notes for each crew that they can take through to the next workshop, and hopefully progress even further.

It was fantastic fun and truly inspiring – congrats to all involved!
Christy ‘shorts.

To watch the behind the scenes footage, and both clips by Crew A and B, visit our Vimeo Page

Few pics below – plenty more at our Flickr Site


About MannIN Shorts

"MannIN Shorts" is a brand new Isle of Man film initiative set to provide a platform for hopeful filmmakers.  Young or old, local or international it provides a launch pad to develop skills, ideas and actually make films, right here on the Isle of Man.
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2 Responses to First workshop? Done.

  1. Dominic says:

    Sweet 🙂 Great weekend! Thanks

  2. Debs Gwinnell says:

    It was brilliant Geoff and I are still totally buzzed! We want more 🙂
    Love Debs x

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