IOM Film Fest 2011 and ‘Hide & Seek’ preview

"Hide & Seek"

It’s been a busy few filmmaker days on the tiny Isle!

Firstly, “Hide & Seek” wrapped just over a week ago, which means the very first MannIN Shorts shoot ‘proper’ is finally in the can.

The team are now well on the way with editing the footage, which is looking excellent and which had it’s first public preview just a few days ago…

This preview was at the Isle of Man Arts Council Film Festival 2011. As with last year, MannIN Shorts was asked to host the opening night. As we’re yet to fully complete any of our own films, we called on the services of the brilliant to put together a bespoke programme of their favourite shorts especially for the night. To that, we added a selection of shorts by exciting young Manx based / born filmmakers:

  • Will Sutton – free runner and filmmaker; we showed his excellent narrative short ‘Rail’ and his latest film made in collaboration with The Play People performance group, the hilarious ‘Operation S’ created to promo the group’s involvement with Mannifest 2011.
  • Danieyl ‘Ducky’ Lowden– freelance fashion/youth photographer and filmmaker, whose recent shorts ‘Beat The Night’ and ‘Streetlight Diaries’ are a beautiful, beguiling comment on life as a teenager growing up on the Island.
  • Daniel Lumb – Manx filmmaker, initially trained at the Manx Multimedia Centre, now based in London and working on award winning film & animation for He made the stunning ‘Extrajnero’  with fellow Manxie Andrew Blackburn.

"98..99.." Tilly as Young Alice

These films were followed by an introduction to the ‘Hide & Seek’ project from Producer Debs Gwinnell, Director Laura Jones, Writer Ady Hall and Designer Lynda Reiss, then a short clip from the behind-the-scenes video before the exclusive preview of the opening sequence of the film itself.

The standard of film making from all contributors in this IOM section of the night was staggering, & hugely inspiring to those in the audience and the excitement building around ‘Hide & Seek’ was palpable.

DP John Craine and MannIN Shorts' Dave Armstrong

The FutureShorts reel was a superb selection of shorts from the international film circuit – funny, beautiful, moving, surreal, dark, empowering – but all from filmmakers at the top of their game and hopefully inspiring to those in the audience.

Yesterday was the Arts Council’s Young Filmmaker of Mann and Short Film Competition, at which Will Sutton won two awards – one for his Free Running reel, and the ‘Best Comedy’ prize for Operation S. Congrats also to long time MShorts supporter Emily Cook, who’s come a very long way in the past year and won Best Documentary for ‘Unkept’.

IOM FilmMaker of Mann & Short Film Comp 2011 winners

Next for MannIN Shorts, we hope to run our first Director’s Workshop, and will soon have a workshop in storyboarding courtesy of excellent IOM based artist/illustrator Juan Moore

Keep checking our social networking sites for updates:


About MannIN Shorts

"MannIN Shorts" is a brand new Isle of Man film initiative set to provide a platform for hopeful filmmakers.  Young or old, local or international it provides a launch pad to develop skills, ideas and actually make films, right here on the Isle of Man.
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